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Jean Tchamgue


Founder of Afrika Multimedia; Messenger of Strategies, Small and Medium-sized Business Expert, Professional Speaker, and Motivator of Young Entrepreneurs.

I develop Audio, Video, and Written contents to fulfill my mission to train people from any background where and how to start a business to be financially free before they quit their job, what I call “The Club45-45-45” (Copyright Jean T) and help the smalls and medium-sized companies to grow their business in the Digital Age to the next level.

As a consultant, I’m focused more on Process and Practical Methodology to help our learners and entrepreneurs to move directly and efficiently step-by-step from point A to point B to achieve a specific outcome in 12 months, in Digital Time.

My passion in life is to help people to take their knowledge, experiences, and skillsets to translate them into real products or services that will make a positive difference to others and make a profit for them. I believe that happiness is where people work and succeed while staying with their family and friends.

AFM is a creative community of entrepreneurs, journalists, filmmakers, videographers, computer engineers, fashion designers, and artists designers working together to motivate, challenge and strengthen the resilience of the First Unique Independent Multimedia in the Digital Revolution in Cameroon.

I want to give the young generation the American Spirit. There is no impossible dream; it is a message that I always try to give to young people. We do not build a country with civil servants; we make it with people who take risks. That’s how Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Uber… and all these things come together, with that American Spirit.

Most people don’t realize how important small businesses and entrepreneurs are in our world. We provide most of the jobs, pay the taxes and provide the products and services that keep this world spinning around. It may sound rewarding in theory. But being a business owner is hard. That is why I launched The “Mobile Caravan Business Training” (MCBT: Trademark).

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