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Who We Are

Afrika Multimedia (AFM)

Afrika Multimedia (AFM) Sarl is the First Unique Innovative Multimedia Development Company in Cameroon providing: services, film production, training, audio-visual, and tourism.

Afrika Multimedia Sarl is a communication structure, it will have to meet the requirements of the market. To this end, the company works to determine trends in the industry, the needs of the customer and the best way to meet customer needs.
We want to promote and develop the Cameroonian entrepreneurial ecosystem through the Art of Marketing Business via Film, Digital Platform and Social Media. Our goal is to find, create and promote a new generation of committed and accountable entrepreneurs, those who create values, jobs and wealth. AFM operates as a multi-faceted company: WebTV, Digital Radio and Marketing Development Media.
Based on his know-how and his entrepreneurial spirit, Jean created AFM and integrate into this project, digital specialists, network journalists, communicators, blog writers, fashion designers, screenwriters, filmmakers and audio-visual professionals. This multi-expertise integration in the team aims to meet the needs of companies to help them achieve their performance goals, solve the needs of their customers and grow their business at a higher level.

Afrika Multimedia Together Everywhere And Always For You, is a result of ten years of Jean Tchamgue’s research and test on this Innovative Business Model. It is a human development company based on capacity building and empowerment, which aims to address some of the most severe problems facing project makers, business owners and medium-sized businesses in Africa.
AFM uses the latest technologies to provide quality audio-visual and photographic production services.

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Company Core Values

Our distinct factor that seperates us from others


Our Mission

To prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs, by creating an environment of passionate people expressing themselves freely, via our TV Platform about their project, their need to learn and to network.


Our Vision

To be at the heart of the African sub-Sahara entrepreneurial revolution so that entrepreneurship and innovation become one of its core values so, everyone, everywhere could sow the seeds of prosperity.

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